Week review

Sometimes when am I coaching, I have to remind myself why I am doing it.  It’s not about the fancy session plans.  It’s not about how creative I can be.  It’s about helping a player become a better player.

Coaches are thieves.  We steal each others drills all the time.  I try to come up with my own.  I may “borrow” elements from other drills, but I really try to come up with my own.  It’s one of the ways I get to be creative.  A couple of times this week in our training sessions, that got thrown out the window.  After doing some of my wonderfully brilliant drills, one of my keepers was not very impressed.  For all that we were working on, he had something else that he wanted to work on.  So my session planning got thrown out the window.  It’s not about the coach’s brilliance.  It’s about the player’s need.  So we worked on the discipline the player requested.

Something that I do enjoy passing on to the kids that coach is appropriate gamesmanship.  One of my keepers can reach the crossbar while standing up.  When the team practices penalty kicks, I have told him to go and hold on to the crossbar and stretch a little to emphasize how tall he is.  I have told both of them to hold their arms out to make themselves look bigger.  Little things like that.  And it was successful, the team only made about half of their penalty shots.


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