Disclosure: I am taking a course through Columbia College in Missouri about Social Media.  This post is for that course.

In developing a personal brand, it is important that one follows what they love.  One of my favorite things is soccer.  It is truly one of my passions.  Along with that passion is also my favorite team; Manchester United Football Club.  I have seen the global fanbase grow along with the growth of the internet (yep, been a fan that long) over the years where once it was almost impossible to catch a game on tape delay to where now channels are devoted to it (as it should be).  One of the better blogs to consistently follow the club over the years is the Republik of Mancunia <http://therepublikofmancunia.com/&gt;.  It has been critical of the club when necessary and supportive when many fans were crying wolf.  All with a certain Manc take on things.

Another blog that I have found is the Goalkeepers Union <http://blamethekeeper.blogspot.com/&gt;.  It is named that because of the special bond that exists between people who play the position.  This blog has a lot of good technical information about playing the position.  This will help from a coaching stand point.

Another blog is Keepertalk, <http://blog.goalkeepertalk.com/&gt;.  It has information about equipment that keepers use.  I do get questions from some of the kids I coach about equipment and I am not always up to date with my information.

A fourth blog is Goalkeeping, <https://wordpress.com/tag/goalkeeping&gt;.  This one is sort of all over the place without a lot of focus.  This is a good reminder to keep myself focused on what my personal brand is all about.  If I am going to focus on one thing, then that is what I need to focus on.  Not on whatever strikes my fancy.

The last blog that I am going to mention in this post is Dynasty Goalkeeping  <http://www.dynastygoalkeeping.com/blog/&gt;.  This blog is about a professional’s attempt to make a living in the women’s game after college.  It includes her journey to other countries in search of work.  It is very honest.  There is also a link to Dynasty Goalkeeping school which is a business that teaches goalkeeping.  The site is very well done and well laid out.

One of the things with the better blogs is that they are updated regularly.  More than once a quarter.  A couple of the blogs had pictures of players in uniforms of teams they previously played with.  And not just players that recently changed teams either.


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