Countdown to a Breakdown

Alternate title: Tension

Tonight was the last practice before my team’s first tournament of the season.  And it got me thinking.  The players get a release.  They get to play the games.  They get the physical.  The coaches get the stress.  Did I do all I could to prepare my players?  Did I remember everything to take along for the out of town trip?  Was my speech brilliant enough?  Am I prepared?

When I played, I wasn’t afraid of anyone.  I didn’t care how much better a player was than me, I was never afraid.  I knew I could always foul them or get into them somehow.  I was *that* player.  I could control that somehow.  But coaching is different. I am not in control.  All of my abilities are represented in someone (abstractly) that I have no true control over.  No matter how many times we work on a behavior, that player will either do the behavior correctly or not.

The other thing is that I am kind of on my own to a certain extent.  I am in a unique situation.  Most clubs do not have  a dedicated goalkeeper coach.  And goalkeeper coaches are usually part of a set up.  I have the head coach that I answer to and … the parents?  I have no mentors while I am doing this.  I am my own expert to lean on.  Nothing like jumping in to learn how to swim.  I have some connections  but feel so out of my depth because of where they are versus where I am in our respective careers.  I feel awkward asking advice from professionals for an amateur boys team.

I think the boys will do well.  If they stay focused, remember what we went over in practice, we should be able to hold our own.  I like either of our keepers in any of the games.  I usually enjoy these trips and am looking forward to it.Practice


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