This week’s practices have been interesting.  We have been trying to put last weekend’s performances behind us while still keeping enough to learn from.  And the main thing to come away with this week is that 11 year olds have problems concentrating.  Practice was filled with mistakes.  Most of my sessions were filled with drills where the keepers had to make a decision before making a save instead of just running them through drills working on technique.  The boys made a lot of mental mistakes through out the week.  It took a lot of cajoling to get them to complete some of the drills.  Part of it is that I have two very different keepers with extremely different sets of abilities.  So the drills have to work both of them and sometimes, one keeper has an easier time than the other.  We are working on getting ready for another tournament in a week with league games tomorrow.  So the focus is a little over the horizon.  But the mental sharpness needs to pick up.  I think they can do it.  I know they can do it.  They just need to know they can do it.


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