There are times when I wonder if the work I am putting in with the kids is helping.  This past weekend’s results certainly didn’t help quiet the whispers of doubt  My oldest son came home this earlier this week and let me know that he is now his high school’s starting JV goalkeeper.  He was a little upset over it because it meant that he was no longer going to play on the field for varsity.  I told him that he needed to view it as an opportunity to show his ability as a keeper and that he could step up when called upon.  I also told him that it wasn’t the end of him playing varsity this year either.  So last night he made his first start.  And he got the shut out.  Then, in the varsity game, my oldest son also got to see some time in goal.  I was approached by the father of one of the boys that I coached this past spring.  He wanted to let me know that his son really appreciated me working with him.

That was nice to hear because the kids I am coaching right now aren’t ready for their tournament coming up this weekend.  I have one more practice to get them out of their funk.  We seem to be going backwards instead of forwards as far as mechanics and technique.  They need to snap out of it if the team is to do well this weekend.


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